Traditional Reshaped by Digital

The marrying of digital and traditional is a ‘megatrend’ that cuts across most of the digital marketing’s DNA . But perhaps the most interesting customer experience trend we see on the horizon is how the availability of the digital experience (via mobile as well as in-store digital technology) is reshaping the physical environment.

We see larger pure plays opening physical presences as a form of marketing, branding and customer experience as well as to give more options for mobile purchasing, delivery, pick up and return options to customers. Arguably this is where ‘digital marketing’ meets ‘customer experience’ within an omnichannel context.
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Social, Local and Mobile Marketing Part 2


The SoLoMo

Local discovery is an evolution of “Local Search”. The difference being “Search” is broad and requires the user to invest time and effort in the narrowing down and identifying the content the consumer want served up.

Discovery is about presenting users with pre-filtered results based on their preferences, location and other elements of hyper personalization. It means less effort on the part of the user.

  • This market is set to keep growing and businesses need to fundamentally re-think the way local customers are going to find them!
  • By getting listed and making sure that the SBE/SMORG are correctly listed. Must be accurate and not absent.
  • By ensuring a stellar Social presence. Much to be gained!
  • Reputation is at the core of social. Social Marketing Optimization carries more weight so does 3rd party verification.
  • Social media integration will be paramount, as channels like Twitter and Facebook have become increasingly noisy. The only reason people choose to complain via social is because they cannot tolerate long hold times and automated telephone systems, or ‘no-reply’ email addresses.
  • By building favorable citations. Ensure that data shared about your business is accurate and consistent across many directories and data aggregators as possible. Location based optimization rears its head.
  • Shift from Acquisition to Retention. Easier to extend a relationship with an existing customer than to win a new one. Loyalty takes on new meaning along with Wallet Share
  • Hi-tech companies that can incorporate relevant technologies for SBE/SMORG space with an added layer service layer will win big!

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Social, Local and Mobile Marketing

Organizations in today’s hyper competitive world face paradoxical challenges that affect everything do or don’t do. Today, more than ever before, SMB’s are forced with facing conflicting challenges; that is, functioning efficiently to sustain the success of their business model(s) while also incorporating the disruptive innovations that will enable businesses to be competitive in the future. Business must also focus on their long and short range efforts to acquire and leverage a set of disruptive innovative products that will emerge as the most customer valued technological offerings in a quick, timely and responsive manner. At Innovative we assist SMB’s and SMORG’s with both of these critical considerations, preserving their future well being. Continue reading

Role of disruptive innovations in creating new opps



The role of disruptive innovations in creating new market value has been an important area.

While sustaining technologies serve the needs of most customers, and are improved along the trajectory valued by mainstream customers, disruptive technologies take on a different trajectory as they diffuse in the marketplace. Typically, such technologies are often cheaper and inferior in performance, yet they involve features that may provide competitive advantage in the future.

The term ‘‘disruptive technologies’’ is the effect some technology based innovations appear to have on markets affected by technology-based innovation. Continue reading


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