Digital Media

At Maverick, we’ve got the lowdown on Tampa Bay interactive programming for the web, CDs and DVDs.

Today, interactive programming makes use of media like the internet, of course, as well as mobile devices, interactive television, and especially items like interactive CDs and DVDs. The idea is to engage consumers in direct and personal ways via multi-media experiences, setting up a sophisticated, dimensional dialogue that influences decision-making.

Interactive programming includes everything from simple banner ads on websites to goodie-laden DVDs. It’s less about the medium than the message.

Once burned, interactive CDs and DVDs are there forever… direct-mailed or dropped off at strategic locations, can spread the word about you and your business for years. We can make your online pressence jump with flash animation, interactive coupons, video calls to action. We can create banner ads and tv style commercials that will tell your story in a compelling fashion — without alienating websurfers.

Check out the plethora of audio, video, and interactive graphic examples we have throughout the site. Everything online can also be distributed on CD and DVD.

Soon it’s all going to be digital anyway. It’s all going to be saved on a little coin somewhere.

Richard Donner