Media Coaching


How To Handle The Media

  • Did the captain of the Exxon Valdez realize he was going to ground his ship and launch a Public Relations nightmare?
  • Did NASA know ahead of time about the Challenger and Columbia disasters?
  • Do you think the gang at Enron thought they were about to get caught?The answers are no, no, and hell no!

But those things all happened. And things like that happen every day. What are you doing to get ready in case the unthinkable happens?

In Tampa Bay, Crisis Management Public Relations is pretty much an unknown commodity. Yet there are accidents and incidents around the corner – it’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when.

How would you handle a crisis? How would you weather the resultant media firestorm? Who speaks for you in case of a disaster? Who documents the recovery efforts? Do you have a secession plan in place?

At Maverick, our approach to Crisis Management Public Relations is to plan before anything happens.

We can also teach you how to handle the media. Even an innocent man can convict himself in the public eye if he pulls a Rodney Dangerfield with the cameras running and the reporters taking notes.

Our expert Media Coaching can help you keep your cool under fire.

If you’re in the public eye – or might be – the media can be your best friend – or your worst nightmare.

At Maverick, our experts know a little something about media coaching because they’ve been part of the national and local media for more than 20 years, with experience ranging from reporting for the St. Petersburg Times, Tampa Tribune and The Associated Press to serving as columnists with The Washington Post and The Chicago Tribune.

Dealing with the media is a scary proposition. When the reporters break out the notebooks and the cameras start to roll, you’ll have a matter of minutes to make your case. We can show you how to leverage your position and put on the best face possible when dealing with what’s at-best an ornery crowd.

Here at Maverick, we can make it less intimidating. We offer Tampa Bay’s best media coaching in a one-on-one environment.

  • We’ll show you how to act.
  • We’ll show you how to react.
  • We’ll tell you what to say.
  • We’ll tell you what not to say.
  • We’ll show you how to stand, how to sit, what to do with your hands.
  • We’ll teach you little tricks that will help you stay focused and under control.
  • Then, we’ll put you on-camera in our green screen studio and grill you like a Coney Island frankfurter… yeah!

The news media are, for the most part, the bringers of bad news… and it’s not entirely the media’s fault, bad news gets higher ratings and sells more papers than good news.

Peter McWilliams