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Interactive Advertising

The technological revolution that’s swept the globe in the last 20 years, the change from traditional media models to the explosion in internet traffic – it all started with Pong. In 1971, for the first time ever, consumers could interact with a television screen. They had input, they had some control over what happened onscreen. They’d gone, in a word, interactive.

At Maverick, we’ve got the lowdown on Tampa Bay interactive advertising

Today, interactive advertising makes use of media like the internet, of course, as well as mobile devices, interactive television, and even static items like CDs and DVDs. The idea is to engage consumers in direct and personal ways via multi-media experiences, setting up a sophisticated, dimensional dialogue that influences decision-making.

Interactive advertising includes everything from simple banner ads on websites to goodie-laden DVDs. It’s less about the medium than the message. It’s more about focusing on a target audience.

Take that business card you so proudly hand out day after day. What if the person you gave it to could pop it in a computer and find out everything they need to know about your company? We can make that happen.Interactive CDs and DVDs, direct-mailed or dropped off at strategic locations, can spread the word about you and your business. We can make your online advertising jump with flash animation, interactive coupons, and video calls to action. We can create pre-rolls that will tell your story in a compelling fashion – without alienating websurfers.

We can utilize social networks to get your message across, or viral marketing campaigns that spread images, texts, web links, flash animations and audio/video clips from user to user via email.