Audio Production


Audio Production

It starts as a mathematical equation, becomes a wave of vibration – by the time it reaches our ears, we interpret it as “sound”. It’s a key component to any audio-video project: Nothing screams “amateur” louder than a soundtrack that was seemingly recorded in a tin can.

At Maverick, we’re lucky to have some of the top Tampa Bay audio pros right in our house and audio engineers who’ve worked and toured with some of the music world’s most famous artists including Frank Zappa and Diana Ross.

No matter what the project – radio commercial, broadcast, soundtrack – we can make you sound as good as them.

We also have access to the top tiers of Tampa voice-over talent… so you know you’ll be represented by your voice-of-choice.

We can also create custom jingles and soundtracks, or use music of your choice (we’ll even take care of securing rights and permissions).

One dog barks at something and a hundred bark at his sound.

Chinese Proverb