Video Impact

There’s one surefire way to make sure television and online media get the right message about what you’re up to: Tell ‘em yourself… And a Video News Release (VNR) is the perfect way to do that.

Maverick has perfected the art of VNRs in Tampa Bay and in all of Florida.

Imagine you’re a television news producer. You’ve got several hours of blank air time each day just waiting for you to fill. The gaping maw stares at you like a hungry lion. Start with the big stories of the day, sprinkle in some weather and sports and …

Wouldn’t a short, professionally produced, newsworthy video about a Tampa Bay business – something that’s actually relevant or pertinent – be the perfect way to fill some of that empty airspace? You bet it would.

We can craft your VNR from concept to completion – and even make sure it winds up in the right hands in Tampa Bay and beyond. We’ll pick possible topics from your business portfolio, turn our writers loose, appoint an appropriate spokesperson, provide a host and start filming – on location, at your business, or in our studios.

We’ll present your point of view from a journalistically credible standpoint, so it meets the needs of any on-air producer. And we’ll make sure our production standards perform the same task.

Better yet, your VNR won’t just reach local television outlets in Tampa, Fl. It can become a permanent part of your website – or anywhere else on the web – broadcasting your news around the globe on demand.