Television Advertising is the supreme advertising format

Consumers, and the way they utilize media, are changing. When it comes to Tampa television advertising, a simple broadcast notice about your goods and services is no longer good enough. In fact, these days, the mere matter of a commercial break in programming sends consumers scrambling for remote controls or packing off to the kitchen.

So, if no one’s watching Tampa Bay television advertising, what’s the point of making and airing local commercials in the first place?

Let’s back it up a bit. Why do people watch television? To be entertained. Why do they skip commercials? Because many commercials aren’t entertaining.

Quick: name a TV ad campaign or two you remember. We’re willing to bet you quickly thought of at least two or three.

Effective television advertising in the 21st century has to do more than just grab attention – it has to keep it. You need advertising that stays fresh with repeated viewing. You’re competing with a host of other diversions that draw people away from the set during commercial breaks.

Today’s effective TV ads have to be visually appealing – enough so to make a Tivo user stop zapping and pause to look – with compelling content.

Television! Teacher, mother, secret lover.

Homer Simpson